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Therefore, there is a constant need to develop versatile, convenient and cost-effective autifouling strategies in healthcare.

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Among the others, surface functionalization with antifouling structure is a convenient way for giving adhesion resistance. Potential optimal candidates to build up effective antifouling surfaces for in vivo application are natural amino acids, in their zwitterionic form.

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  • Spring : Symposium Q | EMRS
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In this study we describe the anchoring of calix[4]arene-crown-5 self-assembled monolayer on gold surface, to be used as containers of aminoacids, and the interaction between surface-anchored calix and amino acid residues in aqueous environment. As the amino acids exhibit pH-dependent behavior, the pH values in the aqueous environment strongly influence the molecular recognition process in solution due to the combined effect of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions.

In particular, it was found that the inclusion efficiency, while depending in a minor way on the hydrophobicity, appear to critically depend on the flexibility of the amino acids, i.

Temperature effect on the mechanical properties of gold nano films with different thickness C Birleanu, M Pustan, V Merie, R Müller, R Voicu, A Baracu and S Craciun Open abstract View article, Temperature effect on the mechanical properties of gold nano films with different thickness PDF, Temperature effect on the mechanical properties of gold nano films with different thickness The microelectronic industry has been growing rapidly over the past years, as has its reliance on thin-film deposition techniques for components manufacturing. As modern devices generate quite a bit of heat and peak temperatures can reach over °C, there is a need to provide adequate cooling for a device to stay operable. A series of chrome gold films with various thicknesses were prepared on silicon substrate.

The antifouling properties of the functionalized zwitterionic surfaces have been tested against Human Serum Albumin and Lysozyme. Vineis1, A. Varesano1, C. Tonetti1, D. Sánchez Ramírez1, R.

Carletto1, S. Ortelli2, M. Blosi2, A. The resulting hybrid ceaiul fierbinte ajută să piardă în greutate nanofibers were made insoluble to water by treatments at high temperature. Nanofibers were observed by SEM before and after the heat treatments, and after the contact with water. Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis was performed with the aim of confirm the presence of inorganic nanoparticles.

Eco slim varyi ou faux, the functional properties antibacterial property and photo-catalytic activity of the nanoparticles embedded into the electrospun nanofibers were quantified on treated samples. The TiO2 reactivity was tested in both cases under UV light irradiation.

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Antibacterial tests were carried out using E. Both electrospun hybrid nanofibers showed excellent antibacterial properties confirming that the nanoparticles can exert their functions even if they are embedded in keratin nanofibers.

The results demonstrated that electrospun keratin nanofibers doped with active nanophases preserve nanoparticle properties, allowing the design of highly versatile hybrid multifunctional media.

Vladescu1, M. Braic1, A. Gherghilescu2, A. Kiss1, C. Cotrut2, I. Titorencu3, V. Jinga3, V. Hasdeu, Bucharest, Romania Resume : Hydroxyapatite coatings enriched with Ti were prepared as a possible candidate for biomedical applications especially for implantable devices that are in direct contact to the bone.

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The coatings eco slim varyi ou faux prepared by RF magnetron sputtering method on Ti based alloy using pure hydroxyapatite and TiO2 targets. The formation of the hydroxyapatite compound was not influenced by the addition of Ti. The roughness of the doped hydroxyapatite coatings were increased by increasing the RF power on TiO2 cathode.

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The in vitro corrosion performances of uncoated substrate were significantly improved by hydroxyapatite coating with or without Ti addition. The Ti additions led to an increase in cell viability of hydroxyapatite coatings, after 5 days of culture.

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The scanning electron microscopy showed that more cells were seen on the surface of hydroxyapatite enriched Ti than those observed on the surface of the uncoated Ti6Al4V alloys or hydroxyapatite without Ti addition. Arvaniti 1,2, V. Karagkiozaki 1,2, A.

Papamichail 1, L. Tzounis 1, Th. Choli-Papadopoulou 3, S. Biomolecules such as proteins could be easily attached onto AuNPs via electrostatic or other physical adsorption.

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The scope of this work is synthesis, characterization and functionalization of Turkevich AuNPs with chitosan and streptavidin respectively for attachment of antibodies and biotinylated antibodies onto the surface of the functionalized AuNPs for further utilization in biosensing applications.

AuNPs were synthesized using the Turkevich method with some modifications and addition of chitosan and streptavidin followed. Their sizes and zeta potential were measured via Dynamic Light Scattering whereas their morphology and surface topography were investigated via Eco slim varyi ou faux Force Microscopy AFM. The results indicate formation of Turkevich AuNPs with negative z-potential and uniformity, whereas high absolute value of z-potential indicates stability of the NPs.

AFM and z-potential measurements suggest successful surface modification with chitosan and attachment of streptavidin onto the surface of AuNPs. Size, Peak-to-Peak and Root Mean Square values increase and z-potential changes dramatically after the surface modification.

Hence, the synthesized AuNPs constitute a promising agent for further attachment of antibodies.

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Well-designed, eco slim varyi ou faux sodium-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles Na-ZnO NPs were prepared through wet chemical route at low temperature, and further formulated as paint to achieve thin film on glass surface.

Surface morphological characterizations of the as-coated glass surface shows a uniform film thickness ~±10nm with homogeneous distribution and good attachment of nanoparticles to the glass surfaces.

We gratefully acknowledge the National Cancer Institute NCI for biological evaluation of compounds on their cell panel.

Photoluminescence spectra of Na-ZnO NPs exhibit exciton recombination emission along with deep and shallow trap emissions, attributed to oxygen deficiency associated with Na-dopant content. The investigated mechanism reveals that the nanoparticles efficiently penetrate and generate intracellular reactive oxygen species ROS inside bacteria, which eventually enhances lipid peroxidation and cause cell death.

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Picca, M. Sportelli, R. Quarto, N. Ditaranto, A. Valentini, N. Cioffi Affiliations : R. In our laboratory, we developed a successful approach for the electrochemical synthesis of highly stable copper nanoparticles NPs with proven bioactivity [2], in the presence of tetraalkylammonium salts as stabilizers.

In this way, CuNPs can be employed for the modification of industrial products in order to confer them peculiar antimicrobial properties.

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Diluted solutions of CuNPs were used as impregnation baths for samples of polyurethane foams, used for matrasses. Two different stabilizers cele inteligente pierd greutatea chosen for CuNPs production: tetrabutylammonium chloride and tetraoctylammonium chloride, differing in the alkyl chain length.

All the materials treated with CuNPs were characterized morphologically and eco slim varyi ou faux. Pristine CuNP colloids were characterized by transmission electron microscopy. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy was used to evaluate the surface chemical composition of pristine and treated polyurethanes. Copper ion release was investigated by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy to correlate process parameters and release properties.

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The total amount of released Cu2 was found to be a function of alkyl chain length of the chosen stabilizer, as well as of CuNP loading into the final composite material. Ingle et al. Cioffi, N. Ditaranto, L. Sabbatini, L. Torsi, P. Zambonin, EP n. Vranceanu1, A. Vladescu2, M. Dinu2, A. Gherghilescu1, M. Tarcolea1, C. Formation of hydroxyapatite HAp coatings on Ti implants combines the favourable properties of both materials.

Electrochemical deposition ELD is a cost-effective and versatile technique, in which the process parameters can be well controlled thought adequate conditions of the process.

Smart biointerfaces for functional biomaterials

The obtained HAp coatings have been characterized as follows: phase identification, morphology, chemical composition, roughness, contact angle and corrosion resistance. The linear polarization technique was used to obtain the polarization resistance Rpcorrosion current densities icorr and corrosion rates CR.

As a conclusion it can be said that the temperature has influenced not only the morphology but also the corrosion resistance.

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A more stable behaviour being registered for the samples obtained at a higher temperature.